Welcome to Mountains & Valleys, a site for a multitude of topics including but not limited to: travel, nursing, cooking, reading, fitness, and marriage. My original reason for creating this blog was that I like to chronicle events in my life, and at the inception of this blog I was traveling quite a bit. However, I quickly realized that I enjoyed writing about much more than only traveling, and that writing can be a wonderful outlet for me. This has led to me delving further into writing not just about travel, but about other aspects of my life. I am a Registered Nurse, a new wife, an adventurer, a reader, a piano-player, a daughter, a sister, a former-collegiate runner, and so much more. This formed an expansion of my original blog topic, from being largely travel-based to being more life-based. So what is the point of other people reading this? Here’s what I hope you can gain:

Words of encouragement

Helpful tips and ideas on relationships, fitness, activities, learning

Delicious recipes to cook from sites that have been tested and are yummy

Good books to read

Ideas for travel and trip planning

Thoughts and insights that provide comfort in knowing you’re not alone in whatever you go through

Pieces of scripture that mean a lot – coming soon

Helpful information for nurses – coming soon

I hope you get something out of this little site, at the very least just a few minutes of amusement or enjoyment from this girl’s thought project.

Thanks for visiting & welcome!

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