A Night in Seattle

My husband and I have some fancy credit cards (thanks to his military status getting us waived annual fees) and those fancy credit cards come with perks. We recently decided to actually use those perks instead of being blissfully unaware of the fact that we could have $200 off of a night in an upscale hotel. Just for being cardholders.

In December, we booked a night at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle using this reward. We booked a regular room, which costs just over $200/night at the time of this post. We ended up being upgraded to an executive suite for free. The hotel itself is located in a prime downtown Seattle location, less than a half mile walk from Pike Place Market and the waterfront. Inside, guests are greeted by a mirrored escalator ascending to the elegant main lobby of the hotel. With its soaring ceilings, marble tables, expensive-looking bar, and abundant plush seating, the lobby sets the stage quite well for your stay. Our room was a spacious one bedroom, one bathroom suite, with two large windows, two TVs, a gorgeous bathroom, a Keurig, and cozy living area.

the lobby of the hotel

Do note that because this is downtown Seattle, parking in a safe garage cost about $50 for 24 hours.

After checking in to our hotel, we made our way down to Pike Place Market. This open-air market is iconic to Seattle and is always included during our trips there. One of my favorite food places is Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies, where they serve up delicious gyros and baklava. I also enjoy abundant flower stands, selling massive bouquets of fresh and dried flowers for the reasonable price of $10-$20, and the farm stands. The fresh fish isn’t cheap, but it’s good. There is, of course, one of the original Starbucks (although the line to get in isn’t worth it in my opinion), but Storyville Coffee is good and located nearby (but also very expensive for coffee). Three Girl’s Bakery offers relatively cheap pastries, at $3-$4 for a ham and cheese croissant, which Honest Biscuits is a bit pricier but sells trendier biscuit-based meals. Basically, the market contains many many different options for eating.

in downtown Seattle

After walking around the market we settled into our hotel restaurant, Shuckers, for dinner. The food was on the more expensive side, but we did get a $100 credit for dinner from our credit card perk. The chocolate lava cakes were delicious for dessert.

The next morning brought rainy weather, so we had a slow-paced start today inside the hotel. We ate breakfast at the hotel bar. Although admittedly the food was not the greatest, we got it for free and it was enjoyable to sit in festive lobby. We drove out to Discovery Park and wandered around in the rain before driving back home. We enjoyed our quick overnight trip to Seattle!

a small white cup of black coffee sitting on top of a white saucer, with a small white pitcher of cream adjacent to it. a white and black font restaurant menu sits in the bottom right corner of the image
my coffee in the beautiful lobby!

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