Twin Falls Hike

While my brother was visiting we had the chance to explore another new hike in the greater Seattle area, Twin Falls. This hike is located in the North Bend area of the Snoqualmie Region. It is a 2.6 mile out-and-back ending at an upper and lower falls. The trail has about 500 feet of elevation gain in total, climbing up and back down and back up again. I would still rate it as a fairly easy trail, but it does require a bit more exertion than the Barclay Lake trail.

The still-as-glass river with the evergreens mirrored off of it.

After walking along a rocky river and then climbing upwards, you reach an inviting bench perched at a glorious viewpoint. From here you can see the falls a ways off, combined with the forest and some mountains in the distance. When we hiked, it was a classic misty PNW day. The view was quite dramatic.

A view of the lower falls from The Bench.

Continue onwards after resting at the bench and you’ll reach a fork in the path: either descend down 100 stairs to view the lower falls, or climb upwards to view the upper cascades. At the bottom of the stairs sits two viewing platforms. The falls tumbling down a sheer rock face into deep blue water below is a sight to behold.

a tall, white waterfall cascading down a sheer rock face into deep blue water below. Surrounded by evergreen trees on a gloomy, misty day.

Yet another beautiful hike in the PNW in the books!

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