Kayaking Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake, a man-made reservoir nestled in the Cascade mountains, beckons many an outdoorsman with its stunning turquoise blue waters. This alluring lake provides not only a great place to kayak, canoe, or paddle-board, but also trails for hiking and many great campsites. Just beyond and up the road from the boat ramp parking lot is an overlook with a panoramic view of the lake.

We visited Diablo Lake on a Saturday in early June. Arriving just after 10am enabled us to secure a parking spot nearby the boat launch, but we noted at 3pm when leaving cars were lined far down the road. Diablo Lake is great for kayaking largely because of its ease of access. One can simply drive up to the boat launch and place whatever water vessel of choice into the water. Ross Lake is much larger than Diablo, but watercraft must be portaged in.

We took out our newly minted (to us) kayaks for a slow, easy paddle around the lake. Around each bend of the shore, new snow-capped mountains peek into view. Evergreens line the rocky shores of free standing islands, while sun-warmed sand invites paddlers to picnic on the beaches. There are a few campsites situated right on the water that can only be reached by paddling out, although these do fill up pretty far in advance.

A hidden campsite/cove (probably the Hidden Cove campsite) with a floating pier greeted us for a snack break. The water color alone of this lake is incredible, and also factoring in the mountains, hidden coves like this one, and the brilliant trees..such a pleasing combination of sky blue, snowy white, black accents from the mountains, turquoise, and dark green.

I really do not have too much to type about this paddle because it is better seen than written about. Such a gorgeous place that I hope to return to many times in the years to come.

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