South Whidbey Island Outdoors

 South Whidbey Island Hiking Spots 

Double Bluff Beach, Trillium Community Forest, South Whibey State Park, Hidden Beach, Driftwood Park, and Ebey’s Landing

Back in early April, I spent a rainy day driving and exploring various beaches and forests on south Whidbey Island. One of the greatest parts about living out here in the pacific northwest is the abundance of parks, beaches, and forests with easy accessibility. I have an ever-growing list of places to explore in Washington (and I presume it will be quite long). On this particular day I picked a few places from my list and set out in the car.

Double Bluff Beach/ County Park

This massive stretch of flat beach is located in Freeland. It is one of the most popular off-leash dog areas on Whidbey, and justifiably so. Enjoy views of the Seattle skyline, Mount Rainier, and the Olympic Peninsula on this expansive beach, or talk a never-ending walk up the sandy shores. 

Trillium Community Forest Lands

 For a totally different environment just ten minutes from Double Bluff Beach, go to the Trillium Community Forest Lands. Quickly become lost (in a good way) in the lush undergrowth of this preserved forest lands, thanks to the Land Trust. 

South Whidbey State Park

To experience the solitude of the forest, visit this rare old-growth forest in South Whidbey. Towering trees undisturbed by man surround the undulating hiking trail. Meander through the forest or enjoy a picnic by the beach. 

Hidden Beach

With a fitting name, Hidden Beach is well..hidden. To arrive you must drive through a nice, quiet residential area, all the way down to the bottom of a bluff. The parking lot for the beach makes it seem as if the park is just a rocky waterfront, but if you walk further down the rocks a beautiful hidden cove appears out of seemingly nowhere. Enjoy views of the Saratoga passage in peaceful solitude. 

Hidden Beach

Driftwood Park

This little park sits right on the waters edge and offers stunning views of the Olympics on a clear day. It’s less than a five-minute drive from the Port Townsend ferry, so could be a great spot to hangout while waiting to board the ferry. 

Ebey’s Landing

My favorite place to get a good walk in, Ebey’s Landing has it all. Vast farmland surrounds a flat walking trail leading out to steep bluffs with breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains. If beach walking is more your speed, there are miles of beach walking available that connect with the bluff trails. If you’re more of a hill person, the bluff trail continues onwards and upwards. There are wide open, grassy spaces with views of both the Olympics and the Cascades, long stretches of flat beach, and steep, climbing trails extending beyond the flat paths. 

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