An Ideal Oak Harbor and Anacortes Day

An Ideal Oak Harbor and Anacortes Day

On a foggy spring morning in May, we decided to have an adventure day on the islands. We kicked off the morning with a walk along the boardwalk at Windjammer Park in Oak Harbor. This park runs along the waterfront of Oak Harbor and up to the sea plane base. Conveniently located just a small detour off the walking path (and at the end of historic downtown) is Whidbey Coffee. We grabbed some breakfast and breves from Whidbey and enjoyed the sun breaking through the fog and clouds. 

After getting our fill of caffeine, we continued onwards towards Anacortes. We hadn’t planned on stopping at Deception Pass, but upon driving over it we discovered such a captivating view we had to stop. The fog that had lifted earlier in Oak Harbor was still making it’s way across the pass, creating an ethereal appearance of small whispy clouds floating along the pass. We quickly pulled off and took a walk across the bridge. 

Up next, a proclaimed island favorite for lunch: Shrimp Shack. This little shack sits off the side of the road right by Lake Campbell a bit after Deception Pass. It has been awarded top five best road trip restaurants and we had heard good recommendations from friends and family so we finally decided to stop. On the weekend, the line stretches 20+ people long, but on this random Thursday we were able to walk right up. I ordered a shrimp burger and my husband got the fried cod. Both were good, the cod crispy and light, my shrimp burger a dense puck of seafood on a hot buttered bun. 

After lunch we made our way up into Anacortes. By now the sun burned high above, giving us a much needed dose of Vitamin D. I’d heard about and wanted to walk the Tommy Thompson trail for quite some time. This trail runs through Anacortes and finishes up by walking a long stretch onto Fidalgo Bay. We enjoyed walking this long, flat path over what would be the water (at high tide). We saw several seals bobbing in the water, and a few bald eagles. Next up we drove through Cap Sante and found ourselves at Cap Sante Park. This little park juts out over Fidalgo Bay, most of Anacortes, and the Cascades. There’s not too much walking around and there’s plenty of warm sun-bathed rocks to sprawl out on. 

Cap Sante Park

Once complete with our sunny walk, we drove over to Mad Hatter’s to get ice cream. Another crowd favorite, this tiny shop packs it in on the weekends with lines extending down the street. We were lucky yet again and walked right up for some birthday cake ice cream and tart raspberry sorbet. Walking down the grassy train tracks in the sun made for a pleasant ice cream consumption. 

On the way back into Oak Harbor, we decided on a whim to drive up Mount Erie. This mountain is visible from nearly every spot on the island yet we had never been up it. Hiking is an option, but we chose to take the car. A winding road carries you through the dense woods and pops out on the top of the mountain. Breathtaking panoramic views of Fidalgo and Whidbey Island abound from Mount Erie’s summit. On the day we went, we could see both Mount Baker and Mount Rainier in the far distance. 

Mount Erie

Thus concluded our lovely day. 

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