The Best French Press Coffee

The Best French Press Coffee

The French Press: an inexpensive, quiet, low-maintenance way to brew up a delicious cup of coffee. This infusion brewer allows beans and water to steep together, allowing for a more uniform extraction of flavor. However, there is often a fine silt of coffee left at the bottom of the mug.


1L of water *

60g -75g freshly ground medium-coarse coffee beans

French Press

Measure out 60-75 grams of medium to coarse ground coffee beans into your French press beaker. Experiment with how strong you like your drink. Boil the water whichever way you’d like, then let it cool down to about 196-204F (or 90-94C). Once the water is the appropriate temperature, pour over the beans. Try to get all of the coffee wet. Place the plunger on top of the beans but do not plunge down yet. Let sit for four minutes, then stir the beans with a spoon until incorporated fully into the water-bean mixture. Again place the plunger on top but do not plunge. Let the coffee sit for another five minutes, then finally, with a slow and even pressure, press the plunger down. Enjoy!

*Water makes a key difference in the taste of your brew. This was a fact I was in denial of until recently. I you live in an area with hard water (water with lots of calcium carbonate or limescale), I highly recommend buying a softer mineral water from the store and brewing with this. This made a big difference in the taste of my coffee.

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