Home Café: Salted Honey Cold Foam Cold Brew

The salted honey cold foam cold brew/nitro cold brew made it’s surge in popularity last July, and for a good reason. This unconventional combination of complex, sweet honey with a strike of salt sitting atop a lightly flavored cold brew is delicious on a hot summer’s day. With summer rapidly approaching again, I thought I’d make my own attempt to better this drink.


1 cup unsweetened cold brew (iced coffee works too)

1/4 cup half and half, whole milk, or skim milk

4 teaspoons of honey

pinch of flaky salt

Pour cold brew into a screw-top jar, along with 1-2 t of honey. Give it a good shake to combine, or mix the two together using a handheld frother. Pour over ice.

In another cup (or the same jar you mixed the cold brew and honey in, if you don’t want to create more dirty dishes), pour milk of choice in along with 2t of honey. Using the different milks will of course create a different froth. For the most decadent cold foam, use heavy whipping cream or half and half. For a lightened up (but less velvety) version of this drink, use cold skim milk. Froth the milk and honey together until almost doubled in size. Pour over cold brew.

Drizzle an aesthethically-pleasing pattern of honey on the top of your drink, hit it with a sprinkle of salt, and voila!

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