2020 Month-by-Month

Things to come out of 2020: month by month 

It doesn’t need to be reiterated how different 2020 was. While this year threw several curveballs, a lot of good still came out of it. 

I realize traveling, especially on a plane, is seen by some as stupid, risky, and inconsiderate. I chose to travel, as did others who were on my flights, and weighed my personal risks and benefits, as did those who chose to travel during this time. I took as many precautions as I could, such as wearing an N95 in the airport and on planes, traveling alone or with one person, and quarantining as much as possible before and after travel. I know that traveling is always a luxury, and it especially was during 2020. I believe it is each individual’s right and responsibility to assess their personal health, the health of those living with them, their potential exposure, and the nature of their travel in deciding whether to adventure out during this time. 

January: Tucson trip, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Weekend in Austin

In January, pre-covid (PC), I took an overnight solo trip to Tucson, Arizona to see the saguaro cacti. I had a lovely bridal shower thrown for me, and celebrated my bachelorette weekend in Austin, Texas with my best friends and brothers. We went out to brunch, hiked in the Greenbelt, and even went out to 6th street. Going to bars that packed seems crazy to think about now. 

February: Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Bull Riding Competition, VT-21 Spouse’s Day, Wedding

My then-fiance and I made a day trip to Lake Corpus Christi state park where we walked around the water and had a picnic. In true Kingsville fashion we went to a bull riding competition. We did not compete in it. On Valentine’s Day my husband’s squadron had spouse’s day, so I got to see the planes and where he goes to work. And of course, on the 29th(leap year, yes) we had our wedding. We were extremely lucky to have a 150 person wedding literally the week before covid became big news. 

March: Honeymoon to Zion and Bryce Canyon 

We took our honeymoon to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. We stayed in an adorable tiny home, hiked the Narrows and Angel’s Landing, and were able to see the orange hoodoos of Bryce covered in snow. As we all know, by mid-March travel was not much of a thing and confusion abounded, so we were again extremely lucky with our timing. 

April: Baking & Board Games

Lots of baking, learning how to make bread, time at home together, and using the 9-in-1 board game box we had. Covid did not really hit Kingsville at this point in time, but the fear was rampant. I drank lots of iced coffee as I transitioned to night shift work. 

May: First Beach Day & More Cooking

More cooking. We got creative with trying to make French bread, sushi, and bagels. We visited the beach in Corpus Christi for the first time since pre-covid. 

June: Home Visit   

I went home for my youngest brother’s high school graduation (he got to have one. this was right before the Texas covid spikes). I saw my family for the first time since the wedding, which for me is a long time. 

July: “the dark ages”, beach days, & Hamilton  

Covid finally hit Kingsville, and boy did it hit hard. My tiny hospital got slammed. I call this month “the dark ages” because our ICU was shut down for the entire month, so we were floated to either the ED or med-surg, where there were critical covid patients holding. It was a traumatizing month. I went to the beach by myself a lot this month. I was supposed to drive to Colorado with my family but didn’t because of covid, so I went to South Padre Island alone for a day. My husband and I watched Hamilton and it was great. 

August: Colorado Springs, Colorado 

I flew on a plane for the first time since February to go to Colorado Springs, Colorado with one of my best friends. We were paranoid and constantly hand-sanitizing everything. We did lots of hiking for four days and had a great, safe time

September: Carrier Qualifications, On-Call, Home Visit, Albuquerque, New Mexico 

My husband landed a T45 onto an aircraft carrier in Florida for the first tie. The patient census at the hospital dropped and we received supplemental travel nurses, so I was placed on call a lot. I loved it. I spent two nights in San Antonio with a few work friends and had a great time floating the Guadalupe River. I visited home once again, and visited one of my nursing school friends in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This month, besides the all the unusual on call hours, felt more normal. 

October: Strike Detachment, DFW Roadtrip, Austin & the Smoky Mountains 

My husband spent three weeks in El Centro, California for strike training. I took an impulsive solo road trip up to see my family, then to see my two best friends in the DFW area, then back to Houston, then back to Kingsville. I think I drove over 1000 miles in a weekend. I had a week off around my birthday, which I spent dog-sitting in Austin and going to the Smoky Mountains. My mom and brother joined me for a couple nights in Austin and we did lots of walks and hikes. I went to the Smoky Mountains with my dad, where we did more hiking. 

November: Finish of Flight School, Thanksgiving

My husband finally finished flight school (unofficially) with a successful last flight. We celebrated Thanksgiving away from our families for the first time, but with a small group of friends my husband works with. We took a small weekend trip to San Antonio and Austin to go to Pedernales Falls and Garner State Parks.

December: winging ceremony, trip to glacier and Lewiston, Christmas with my family, after Christmas in FC with husband’s family

December was a big month. I went camping with my brother and his girlfriend in Garner and Lost Maples State Parks. We found out we’d be moving to Washington for my husband to fly Growler’s. We both flew together to Lewiston, ID for a wedding and then drove up to Glacier National Park. We shared the entire park with about ten other people total. We tried cross country skiing and realized it was really hard. I had never seen so much snow in my life. We had Christmas with my family, got covid tests, and then went to spend some time with my husband’s family in Virginia. We rang in the new year by ourselves quarantining in our apartment. 

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