Six Hours in St. Louis, Missouri

(From February 2019)

I had my eye on St. Louis for months, looking for an opportunity when the weather would be nice to visit. Mid February finally was the time. I hopped on an early flight out to STL and took the metro to downtown to see what I had been waiting for – the Gateway Arch. It was so impressive, this imposing arch structure present in many of the views walking around downtown. The Gateway Arch is now a national park, so it is run by the National Park Services. I paid the fee to receive a small tour and go up to the very top. It was well worth it. The north tram to the top is a small, slightly cramped box that clatters its way up. I am not scared of heights, but looking straight down from 630 feet up is a bit dizzying! The entire city could be seen from one side, and the Mississippi River from the other. The arch is built to be able to flex a bit with the breeze, and I could feel the slight sway from the top.

I walked around the arch museum at the base of the arch, then watched a 35-minute video on how they built it back in 1962. It took 2.5 years to construct, and they had to do it by building up each side until they had to use a scaffold in between them to wedge the middle pieces in. On the final day when they had just one piece left, it was so warm that the metal started to expand and they had to rinse the arch with cold water to keep it from expanding too much to let the last piece in. Very interesting and impressive architecture.

I had planned on staying the night and flying out the next morning, but my Airbnb had a giant hole in one of the windows. Seeing as it was in the 30s and windy, I chose to take a late night flight back home. I would not recommend this Airbnb, the host was not very kind when I told him I did not wish to stay in an apartment with a hole in the window. It was also not a very clean unit either.

Overall though, my quick trip to St. Louis did not disappoint and I highly recommend seeing the Gateway Arch at some point in your lifetime!

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