“Bachelorette” Weekend, February 2020

from pre-covid..what a time.

So I am getting married in 27 days as I type this up. The last four months have just flown by, with moving, a new job, traveling, and the holidays. I was lucky to have a three-day weekend off that my two best friends from the DFW area also had off, so they were so kind and threw me a little bachelorette weekend. Now I titled this “bachelorette” in quotes because both of my brothers were there for parts of it, along with one of my bridesmaid’s husbands. And it made the weekend that much better.

We decided to do Austin, Texas for our weekend since

  1. it was so last minute
  2. it is about the same distance (or not too far at all) for each of us to drive there
  3. I was not about to make ALL of my bridesmaids pay to fly somewhere $$$$
  4. my brother is starting a job working for Oracle in Austin so we knew he’d be there
  5. I went to college at UT Austin so the city is familiar to me, however I didn’t do too many fun things in college because I studied too much.

We drove into Austin from our respective cities on Friday afternoon and met up at our hotel, the Hampton Inn on LaVaca Street. For us, it was a great location for what we wanted to do. Parking was not free, but then again in downtown Austin it is very difficult to find free parking.

My parents were moving my brother in to his apartment, so I got to see them for lunch. Since the weather was so nice, my brother and I walked around Town Lake for an hour or so until my bridesmaids had deemed the room “ready” for me to go to. They were so sweet and had spruced up the room with bridal themed decorations. My two girl friends and I had a low-key night in at the hotel with some pizza, wine, and games.

Saturday gave us yet another gorgeous day- sunny and a high of 70 degrees. We took advantage of this and walked to Irene’s, a popular brunch spot famous for it’s photoesque vine-covered wall. We met my two brothers, my brother’s girlfriend, and my friend from nursing school with her husband. Showing up at 10:15am on a Saturday morning with a group of 8, we were able to get a seat right away (which I was shocked at). I ordered Brioche French Toast with mascarpone and berries, and eggs and bacon. The prices weren’t horrible for a breakfast place ($12 for my meal). After taking the obligatory Irene’s pictures, we drove out to the Bull Creek Greenbelt Trailhead that our waitress recommended. The trail we took ran along a clear river that looked so enticing, although it was a bit too cold to swim in. We enjoyed our time out in the sunshine, saw lots of dogs, and just had a good time.

After the hike our group split up a bit, and the three of us hung out at the rooftop pool at the hotel. Basking in the warm sun was so comforting and relaxing.

For dinner we ordered Tso’s Delivery. Their free delivery enticed us, but it ended up taking an hour to get our food from the restaurant that was half a mile away. I guess that’s what we get for being lazy. However, we somehow got a Tesla as our Uber so that was pretty neat.

My brother was kind enough to let us eat our dinner and pre-game at his apartment. We hung out there till around 10:30pm, when we ventured out onto 6th street for a wild evening. Now, I don’t drink very often and I don’t stay up late very often. Combine the two and wow, what a time. Since I had a lovely little veil and “Bride to be” sash on, we scored quite a few free drinks. We went to Pour Choices, the Aquarium (they have a slide now!) and the Blind Pig. We stayed at The Blind Pig by far the longest because of the good music, fun crowd, and ample room to dance on the dance floor. They played a good mix of older and newer songs. We had a great time until around 1am when all the alcohol hit me and we retreated to our hotel.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend. Thank you to my dear friends for being persistent about giving me a bachelorette weekend. Yall are the best!


https://www.blindpigpubaustin.com/ à Blind Pig Pub

https://tsodelivery.com/ à Tso Delivery

http://irenesaustin.com/ à Irene’s Austin


à Hampton Inn & Suites Austin

https://austinparks.org/bull-creek/ à Bull Creek Park and Greenbelt


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