Travel Favorites

{some items that aren’t necessarily ~essential~ but that I have found to improve traveling}

In 2019 I was lucky enough to travel a good amount, which meant frequent plane flights. As we all know, 2020 was not the year for travel (especially air travel) so this list has some new additions to it since this wonderful year has begun. See my post on Airport Travel During Covid-19 to see these new tips.

Below is a list of items that, while not necessary for travel, do make it a bit more comfortable.

Clothing & Toiletries

1. Amazon dresses

Since I often fly standby, I have to dress nicer than the now-common flight attire of black leggings and a sweatshirt. This is a small request upon the airline to make, and amazon has made it so much easier to comply with! It also feels nice to dress nice. Paired with some jewelry and cute shoes these simple dresses make it you look put together for whatever the day holds. I have a long-sleeved black dress, a sleeveless black dress, and two of the short-sleeved patterned dresses. Between these four, I have endless options of dressing up or down the outfit. They are all super comfortable and leave my legs covered enough on the flight and while power-walking around the airport.

2. EOS Sweet Mint Chapstick

My mom got this for me for Christmas and I love it. It’s the only chapstick that truly leaves my lips feeling moisturized for an extended amount of time, without leaving a heavy film. I prefer a stick versus their little chap balls (lol).

3. Elf Luscious Liquid Lipstick

I’ve had this for years in cherry tart and I will have it for years to come. It’s small, inexpensive, and the color really does last quite awhile.

4. Neutrogena Hydroboost Hand Gel Cream

Yet another gift my mom got me for Christmas two years ago. Mothers really do know best. This hand cream leaves your hands feeling silky soft without you having to apply much. It’s only lightly scented, so it won’t gas out the person sitting next to you on the plane.

5. Compactable Jacket and Vest

Over two years ago my mom and I purchased a puffer jacket and puffer vest from Sam’s Club. They have gone with me on nearly every trip since. They are warm, they have zippered pockets, and most conveniently, they pack down into small little bags to make packing a breeze. Amazon has some variations of this if you search “compactable puffer jacket”. I don’t know if anything will ever beat the Sam’s Club price though. I have also found an Old Navy jacket like this that seems to work similarly well. I have only worn it on one trip so far though, so I cannot fully attest to it like I can these puffy jackets!


1. Packing cubes

Packing cubes seemed like they became a “trendy traveler” item in 2019, and I can’t say I disagree with that. Something about having your clothing squeezed into little mesh cubes enables you to fit more clothing into your luggage. It is useful for grouping together small items like socks and underwear (that normally get lost in the abyss of my bag).

2. Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag

Speaking of my bag abyss, I love my Vera Bradley Weekender Bag! It’s a little pricey but for me it holds all of my clothes, shoes, and toiletries for up to a 3-night trip. Hence the name, The Weekender. My mom actually bought this for my birthday two years ago (how does she always know what to get???) and I’ve used it countless times. It has several pockets lining the inside of the bag, two zippered pockets on the outside, it’s a soft-shelled bag so it can expand (and be manipulated to fit in overhead compartments), and it can be slid onto a suitcase handle if needed.

3. Patricia Nask Purse

My best friend bought me a larger purse for my birthday and I am so thankful for it! I tried to find the exact one on the Patricia Nask website, but I think they sell them at Macy’s. It’s large enough to hold a book, which is perfect for me. I managed to fit a book, a journal, a water bottle, sunglasses, and my wallet in it while roaming around Savannah, Georgia. It has zippered pockets too, which I am always a fan of.


1. Compact Blanket

This is another buy from Sam’s Club, but it has made sleeping on cold planes so much easier. It’s made of sleeping bag material and can easily squish into a small bag.

2. Anker Charging Block

It’s small, holds a charge, cheap, and charges your phone up quick. What more do you need.

3. Water bottle

I always have a water bottle with me, especially when flying. Who wants to pay $5 for a plastic water bottle?? I bring a hard bottle with a screw-top lid (like a yeti or hydroflask) because then they won’t explode in the plane under pressure. I learned this the hard way with my old Gatorade squirt-top bottle. Sorry seat neighbor.

4. Portable Door Locker

This thing is about $10 on Amazon and it can wedge into most doors, adding another layer of lock and protection. I love it for traveling alone because I don’t trust locks, so adding another one makes me feel a bit safer.

Some other things I always travel with my phone charger, computer charger, glasses (I normally wear contacts), Advil and Tylenol, headphones of some sort, a jacket (even if you’re going somewhere hot), running shoes, a snack, a book (lately I’ve been using a Kindle and I have been loving it) and saline solution to wash out the eyes if needed. It’s always useful to have a few spare Ziplock bags (for phones, small things, etc) and some grocery bags to pack dirty clothes and shoes in. If I am traveling alone I bring my hand-held pepper spray with me.

And with that I will end this list. I hope this makes your travels a little bit more comfortable!

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