A Weekend in DFW

Weekend to Dallas and Fort Worth

I spent the weekend (Really just Saturday and some change) in the DFW area visiting my two best friends from high school. Since the drive from where I live is about seven hours, I spent Friday night, all of Saturday, and then Sunday morning there before heading home. Dallas and Fort Worth are about 35-60 minutes apart, depending on traffic and which part of the city you are traveling from/to. The two cities both offer so much, yet their cultures are so different. I would love to go back and spend more time exploring both cities.

The first night I spent in Dallas. I did not realize how many different “pockets” of Dallas there are. There so many different neighborhoods with different feels to them. For dinner Friday night, we went to The Rustic, a restaurant with a very large outdoor venue full of picnic tables, an outdoor bar, and live music. The wait was quite long (over two hours) due to covid, but with all the outdoor space and the bar it did not feel too bad. We enjoyed the nice weather. I did like how the picnic tables are a good distance from each other, and they only seat one party per massive table, so social distancing rules were followed pretty well.

The weather in the DFW area this time of the year is beautiful, so the next day we capitalized on that and spent most of the day outside. We spent the morning drinking coffee outside the turquoise Magnolia’s, an adorably cozy coffee shop tucked away amidst the tall buildings. They had a wide variety of coffees, teas, and specialty drinks available.

We spent the afternoon wandering around Lakeside Park in the Highland Park area. This area is so beautiful. Sprawling oak trees line the roads and lazily dangle over the river, their leaves just starting to turn yellow for fall. Ample park benches and stretches of lawn allow for plenty of resting space, or play space. The walking path takes you through this and the neighborhoods. Teddy bear park, a small park with large teddy bear statues, sits just across a pedestrian bridge overlooking the water. It is such a peaceful and gorgeous place to spend an afternoon. I did not expect to find such lovely nature right in the middle of Dallas.

That evening we drove to Fort Worth. Dinner was at Chuy’s, who also did a great job with distancing the tables and customers. I had a really good strawberry margarita (that was only around $6). Fort Worth is a smaller city with a more warm country feel to it, but it also has lots of restaurants, walking spaces, and coffee shops. During a previous visit to Fort Worth, we went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and the botanical gardens. I would recommend both of them.

The next morning we walked to Ampersand Coffee Roasters, then I began the seven hour trek back home.

I look forward to the next time I’m able to visit the DFW area!

https://www.magnoliasdallas.com/ Magnolia’s Dallas

https://www.hptx.org/564/Lakeside-Park Lakeside Park

https://www.ampersandfw.com/ Ampersand Coffee Roasters

https://www.fortworth.com/listings/fort-worth-water-gardens/2989/ Fort Worth Water Gardens

https://www.fwbg.org/ Fort Worth Botanical Gardens


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