Coffee Appliances

Coffee Appliances of a Coffee Addict

I really like coffee. A lot. Iced, hot, black, flavored, lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew, French press, you name it I’ll drink it. The only coffee I don’t really like is hot coffee with flavored creamer in it.

That being said, I acquired quite a few pieces of coffee paraphenelia from recently getting married. Of course all you really need for coffee is one appliance. But give me a registry and I’m going to fill it up with all sorts of ways to brew the good bean juice.

  1. Cuisinart Grind and Brew 12- Pot Coffee Maker

This coffee pot is amazing. It has many different features and timing options, but the best part is that it freshly grinds the beans before brewing each cup. It does take a little bit more effort to keep clean because you have to clean out the bean grinder between each brew, but I think it is worth it for that fresh cup. The 12-cup capacity is a bit much for me to drink alone, so it is useful for having company over. If I have leftover coffee I will pour it into a jar and let it cool in the fridge, and then use it for iced coffee the next day (or later on that day..).

French press coffee to me tastes a lot stronger and thicker than coffee brewed in a pot, and I prefer flavored coffee beans to be made this way. My dad has a Bodum French press so I knew it was a quality piece of equipment, thus I put one on my own registry. **Note: I broke the glass beaker to my French press. I purchased a replacement beaker for $11 on Amazon –>

The Bodum replacement beaker looked to be about $24.

I had tried several times to make coffee strong enough for a latte, but to no avail. However, I did not want some huge, expensive espresso maker sitting on my counter. I also did not want to be tied to using K-cups (as with the nespresso). I stumbled upon this little gem during my internet searching, and it has worked beautifully for me! The Nanopresso is a hand-held espresso pump intended for camping. It is small, affordable, and makes single shots of espresso with gorgeous crema on top.

This is a simple coffee bean grinder. You press and hold the button, it grinds the beans. Works great.

I have a 2L one. Very fast and simple to use. I personally boil my French Press water in it, my mom uses hers for her tea.

I first bought this hand-held milk frother before upgrading to the fancy one listed above. And really, this small one worked very well. I would not have purchased the fancy frother had I not had a wedding registry to get it from. Lol.  Would recommend.

This was the first coffee pot I ever had, gifted to me by my parents my sophomore year of college (about when I discovered coffee). It served me very well and it still works to this day. I still will use it if I only want a few cups of coffee made with preground beans. I like the four-cup capacity, which is perfect seeing as I am the only one who drinks coffee in this apartment.

I like this upscale milk frother because it has four different options for what you want it to do. You can have steamed milk, slightly frothy milk, very frothy milk, and cold frothed milk. It is very simple to use and clean. I use it to make lattes, cold foam and steamed milk among many other things.

This is a much fancier coffee bean grinder with multiple different grind settings. I can grind whole beans to a fine espresso powder, or I can grind them to an extremely coarse ground.

And there you have it folks. Way too many appliances just to make a cup of joe.

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