Boston, Massachusetts

In late August 2019, my dad and I took a trip up to Boston, Massachusetts. The weather was perfect both days we were there- 70s and sunny. We flew in early and hit the ground running. We spent the better part of our first day wandering around Columbus Park and the yacht bay area. We saw some of the largest yachts we had ever seen…we could hardly fathom the amount of money they must have cost! For lunch we had lobster rolls from a place in Faneuil Hall.

Right at sunset we had a 1.5 hour sail on the Liberty Star with the Liberty Tall Ships. I thought it was going to be a tour of the Boston Harbor, but we just floated around the harbor for 90 minutes. Nonetheless, being on such an ornate ship and basking in the sunshine on the water was still a good time.

For dinner we walked into the little Italy portion of downtown Boston. A friend had recommended the Daily Catch for dinner and after eating there I highly recommend it as well. The restaurant is extremely small but the freshly prepared seafood is to die for. Everything was served piping hot, straight off the skillet (and sometimes even still in the skillet). If you ever get the chance to visit, I highly recommend the shrimp scampi.

After dinner we bought some freshly-filled cannolies from Modern Pastry. I am not a huge cannoli person but these were on a whole other level than the cannolis I had ever had before. Both my dad and I devoured them before we even made it to our Uber back to the hotel.

these cannolis were SO good

On our second day, and only full day, we chose to walk the Freedom Trail. We did not use a tour guide, we just followed the painted line on the pavement throughout Boston. The Freedom Trail is a 3 mile trail that passes along several historical sites. The trail is free, although you can pay to enter some sites, such as the Paul Revere house.

Before beginning our walk we had coffee and breakfast at Zume’s Coffee House, which is located right by the Bunker Hill Monument. This began our journey.

The Bunker Hill Monument is 294 steps tall, all of which you can climb up to the top of the monument. Small windows at the top provide four different views of Boston.

We then walked over to the Navy Yard where the USS Constitution is housed. It was neat seeing military people and volunteers dressed up in Revolution-era navy uniforms.

the USS Constitution

We did pay to go into the Paul Revere house. The house itself is quite large, especially given the time period in which it was built and owned. I love seeing other peoples’ houses so I found it quite fascinating.

For lunch we ate again at Modern Pastry. Both my dad and I got the buffalo sandwich wrap and of course, some more crepes. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the Freedom Trail and enjoying being outside.

We then caught an uber out to the Samuel Adams Brewery. The brewery offers free general tours every hour. While the tour did not go too in depth into the brewing room and the factory itself, our tour of about 15 people got nine free pitchers of beer. Now I don’t really care for beer too much, but it was interesting to be taught how beer tastings are done. And my dad does like beer, so he got twice as much because I didn’t drink mine.

Next up, we took an uber to the Charles River Esplanade and wandered along the sprawling pathways along the water. The amount of people out and active at 6pm on a weekday was amazing. We sat on a pier and watched sailboats on the water. For dinner we ate at the Cheers restaurant.  To close out the night, and our trip, we wandered around the Public Garden and eventually back to downtown.

I had a great time in Boston with my dad. Boston is a very walkable city, with tons of historical landmarks, gorgeous waterfronts, and probably the most beautiful landscaping I have ever seen. We spent 1.5 days in Boston, and while we were tired, we had the ability to see plenty of sights and taste lots of good food in this short time period. Thank you Dad for travelling with me!

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