A Day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA

I am extremely to have the ability to fly for cheap, thanks to my grandma who worked for United. Because of this blessing I have been able to go places I never would have been to before. I have also been gifted the chance to travel with my grandparents. My brother and I had the opportunity to fly to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in April 2019 with my grandpa. It was a quick trip, but one I will remember forever because of the time I got to spend with my grandpa and my brother.

We flew out early in order to arrive in Pittsburgh by 1130. We went to the Fairfield Inn that we were sleeping at, then quickly turned around and headed in to town for the Pirates vs. Reds game. The city itself is interesting, accented by several yellow suspension bridges. PNC Park had a stunning view of the river, the skyline, and the myriad of sunshine-y bridges. For real, it was like little metal beams of sunshine were placed over the water at regular intervals.

After the game, we walked over to the National Aviary to see lots of birds. There were birds from all different types of habitats, from penguins to eagles to flamingos. I liked the small burrow owls the best. We were able to see them feed the penguins, and in the tropical habitat the birds came very close to us.

We walked to Point State Park to sit for a little while and people watch. For dinner we ate at Harris Grill, an upstairs hip restaurant. I had the blackened chicken sandwich with a special sauce and a really good homemade bun.

We were all pretty tired from waking up so early, and we had an early flight out the next day so it was off to bed early!

Thank you Grandpa for taking us to Pittsburgh!


http://www.harrisgrill.com/ à Harris Grill

https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pitwf-fairfield-inn-and-suites-pittsburgh-airport-robinson-township/?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2 à Fairfield Inn and Suites

https://www.mlb.com/pirates/ballpark à PNC Park

https://www.aviary.org/ à National Aviary

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