An Abridged Version of a Week in Estes Park, June 2019

What you are about to read is an extremely condensed chronicle of my family’s trip to Estes Park, Colorado in June of 2019. The five of us took the trip up to the Rockies, and we had a great time. There was still a decent amount of ice on the trails, which made hiking an unexpected challenge that we embraced with cold hands and wet shoes. The weather was perfect-50s to 70s and sunny the whole week. I enjoyed sitting out on the deck of our VRBO and soaking in the sunshine while listening to the roar of the river and taking in the captivating mountain view.

Here we go:

Day 1:

-fly into Denver airport

-visit Beaver Meadows Vistor’s Center

-hike around Sprague Lake

-grocery shop


Day 2:

-went to Donut Haus (unfortunately this place is closed now)

-drove up Trail Ridge Road: saw mountain rams, panoramic mountain views, lots of cold wind and ice everywhere!

-drive to Bear Lake trailhead and hike Nymph Lake to Dream Lake to Emerald Lake, add on Bear Lake: lots and lots of ice and snow everywhere, along with lots with chipmunks


Day 3:

Gem Lake hike: no snow and short, but a very strenuous hike with gorgeous panoramic views of Estes Park

-ate lunch at a pretty riverside park in town

-rode the aerial tram up to the top of a mountain to enjoy more views of the Rockies and to feed chipmunks

-dinner at the Dunraven with our cousin


Day 4

-did a 6-mile hike from Cub Lake to The Pool: would highly recommend this hike because it was not too difficult and had the most beautiful lakes and ponds and mountains

-my brother and I hiked around the river located near the vrbo; we saw a giant elk

Day 5

-whitewater rafting with Wanderlust Rafting: we had tour guide Dave and he was awesome; 6 mile raft on the Poudre River

-lunch at Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing

-mini golf


Day 6

-hiked with the family to Alberta Falls

-hiked with Connor up to Mills Lake and The Loch


Day 7

Cliffhanger Used Books

-Beaver Meadows Loop

-Alluvial Fans


Our final day we drove through Boulder and had breakfast with some family who was also in Colorado.

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