Home Workout Equipment

Home Workout Equipment

Quarantine is starting to lift here in Texas, and our apartment gym has reopened after being closed for two months. However, it will most likely be several more months before larger gyms reopen. Many states are still in lock down and will be for awhile longer. That being said, working out from home is still very much a thing. Here’s some inexpensive workout equipment that really amps up your home exercise.

For ideas on free home workouts, visit my previous home exercise post: https://mountains-and-valleys.com/2020/04/19/home-exercise-for-free/

  • Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are very affordable and easy to obtain through Amazon, and they add quite the burn to your workout! If you don’t have weights, or you don’t have heavy weights, adding a resistance band on to your movements increases the difficulty. I also find that wearing a band above or right below my knees when I squat encourages me to keep my knees outwards instead of rotating in.

using the yellow moderate resistance band above the knees to perform weighted deadlifts at home
using one of my resistance bands during a deadlift

I have these resistance bands from Amazon and they have held up great. A thicker band like this one really makes things tough, although I prefer my more stretchy rubber resistance bands.  

  • A light set of dummbbells

Dumbells are more of an investment but they are so worth it. I purchased two 8-pound weights and a 15 pound weight from a sports consignment store in Austin three years ago and they have served me very well.  A lot can be done with just a set of 5 or 10 pound free weights.

two 8-pound dumbells and one 15 pound dumbell
my thrifted 8-pound and 15-pound dumbells
  • A heavier set of dumbbells

I would like to buy either another 15 pound dumbbell or a 20 pound one. Having two moderately heavy weights allows you to perform more lower body movements, or back movements like bent-over rows. I currently just use my 15 pounder plus and 8 pounder for squats and such, but having a second 15 pound would be nice.

  • Yoga mat

A yoga mat is another piece of equipment that can be cheap, or can cost a little more, but makes a huge difference for your back when doing core work! It also provides a non-slip surface for doing barefoot exercise such as yoga. I bought mine from Walmart several years ago and I still use it multiple times a week. Just be sure to wipe or spray it down after using and to let it fully dry before rolling back up.

  • Foam roller

I love my foam roller. I have had a high density 12 inch foam roller since high school that has served me very well over the years. I like this smaller size because it takes up less storage space and I can fit it into my suitcase when I go on hiking trips. There are so many free youtube foam roll and stretch videos available to guide you through a rolling session. I enjoy Caroline Jordan’s videos on this. Foam rolling can hurt at times but it leaves my muscles feeling so good!!

a black high density 12 inch foam roller
my beloved foam roller
  • A bench or something sturdy that can be stepped up on

At my parent’s house I use the pool ledge as a bench. At my current apartment, I use a yeti cooler. I do not have a formal exercise bench, but lots of furniture or outdoor ledges can be subbed in for this! I don’t really like to step up onto the sofa because this seems like it can ruin the furniture and make it sag. But a sturdy solid chair or a two-foot ledge outdoors can work wonders for performing split squats, step-ups, and more.

I really do not own too much home workout equipment because I have always had access to a gym of some sorts, or I just did cardio (back in my running days). The few pieces of gear I do have had taken me far for the fitness goals I have. It doesn’t have to cost lots of money to get a good workout in from home 🙂

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