Colorado Day Five

Fort Collins, Colorado

Today we decided to take a rest day, due to our 10.5 mile hike yesterday wrecking havoc on the arch of my foot. We slept in, then spent the morning at my favorite Estes Park coffee shop: Coffee on the Rocks. We fed the ducks in the duck pond and walked around the river for awhile.

Around noon, we drove into Fort Collins to visit my cousin. Since my foot had been hurting so bad, I decided to try out some community acupuncture at the Fort Collins CommUnity Acupuncture and Massage. I cannot recommend this place highly enough! The setting is extremely relaxing; it is a community acupuncture clinic so you sit in a room with other people in recliners while being treated. However, there is relaxing music, calming essential oils being diffused, and a little dog named Bean that wanders around the place. I had 18 needles placed in my feet and legs, and two placed in my hands. Acupuncture has all sorts of reasons as to why it works and what it is doing, in both Chinese medicine and Western medicine. For me personally I have found it helps the most with inflammation.

After about 40 minutes of sitting with the needles, Dee the acupuncturist (would recommend him) removed the needles and we were on our way. The whole appointment was only $25.

We drove into downtown Fort Collins to meet my cousin for lunch. We met at Stuft Burger Bar. It’s a build-your-own burger bar, but they also have some preset burgers available. I had a pineapple teriyaki burger because I’m one of those people who mixes meat and fruit.

After lunch Preston and I walked around the CSU Flower Trial Garden. There were so many beautiful flowers in bloom, it was like walking through a rainbow.

We took the beautiful drive back into Estes Park and hung around the Airbnb for the night. Our hosts provided some games for us, so we played Operation and Don’t Break the Ice.

sitting outside on our AirBnB porch enjoying the cool weather

LINKS –> Coffee on the Rocks –> Acupuncture –> Burgers for lunch –> CSU Flower Trials info

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