Cleaning With Toothbrushes

A cheap pack of toothbrushes from the store can go a long way in cleaning. I use toothbrushes for a multitude of tasks (besides brushing my teeth of course). I like them because they are cheap, they really allow you to clean down into tight spots, and they are easy to clean by just throwing in the dishwasher. Here’s some ways I use toothbrushes to clean. **Note that I use a different brush for each item**

  1. Shoes: to clean my running shoes, I use a combination of 1T baking soda, 1T water and 1T white vinegar. I will scrub that into my shoes, rinse with water, and then spot scrub with hydrogen peroxide. Rinse the shoes again, stuff with newspaper and tip toe-side up against a wall, and let dry.
  2. Fish Tank: I have a one-gallon fish tank with a stone filter that I aim to clean at least once every two weeks. First I’ll drain the pebbles into a colander (used only for this purpose) and rinse them several times with water. Next I will scrub the sides and corners of the tank and any plant leaves with water and a toothbrush. This allows me to really get into the crevices and get all the built up scum off. My beta fish is noticeably more active after cleaning.
    1. undefinedthis beta fish has been alive almost two years!
  3. Coffee Pot: I have a coffee pot with a built-in bean grinder, as well as a French press and a hand- held espresso maker ( ). After each use of the coffee pot or French press, I will separate the pieces of equipment and scrub them out with a toothbrush. This helps keep them clean, prevent built up coffee remnants, and preserve the new look. With my nanopresso, the instructions recommend deconstructing and deep cleaning the pump every 20 shots.
  4. Rings and Gem Stone Jewelry: I will clean my wedding and engagement ring, along with the cubic zirconia rings and earrings I wear to work, about once a week. To do this, I heat up a bowl of water till it’s just warm, then add in some gentle dish soap, then soak the jewelry for 20 minutes. Next, I rinse the rings, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush VERY gently, and dry them on a microfiber cloth. This has helped my jewelry look new and sparkly, and is very easy to do.
  5. Car Mats: Twice a year I remove the rubber floor mats from my car and give them a good, deep clean. I vacuum frequently but a good amount of dirt and nasty gets ground into the mats over time. I’ll rinse the mats and scrub them with carwashing soap and a sponge, then I will go in with a toothbrush and really scrub out anything left over. This combined with vacuuming and Armour-Alling my car makes it feel new.

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