Gratitudes & Taking for Granted: What Corona Season has Given Me

Rona Season has caused a lot of changes in everyone’s lives. I am lucky that it did not impact the health or safety of my family or friends like it has millions others. However, this season has made me grateful for many of the things I had become complacent about. It has taken the lives of many and negatively impacted so much of the world, but there can still be a silver lining. Before all of this, we were all rushing about our lives searching for the next great thing, or maybe just trying desperately to figure out life. Maybe the slow-down wasn’t all bad. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way. Maybe it’s God telling all of us to be a little bit more thankful and appreciative for what we do have in our lives…

-visiting my family in person again

I don’t live too far from my family and my grandparents, but I haven’t been able to visit them since our wedding in February. Since I work in a hospital, we all decided it probably wouldn’t be the best idea for me to go home on my off days. It’s been sad seeing all of my family home together without me, but a) my husband is my new family so it’s not like I’ve been completely alone and b) it’s made me appreciate the luxury of a short(ish) drive home to visit. I can’t wait to see my mom’s dog too. She is the cutest.

-being able to leave the city I live in

We live about an hour from a larger city that was fun to drive to for a day on the beach and some Chick-Fil-A. Being able to do that again (and not feel guilty for leaving our apartment) will be a wonderful break from our hot neck of the woods (or the fields I should say). I like where we live enough for now, and I like the people here but it’s nice to drive out for a day or a weekend somewhere else.

the beach nearby


My goodness am I looking forward to being able to fly again. I am extremely lucky in that one of my grandparents worked for an airline, so I can fly for free on open flights as a pass rider. I definitely had been taking advantage of that blessing and used many of my off days to jet set off to wherever people didn’t want to go (ie open flights ie St. Louis in January). I don’t know when air travel will become a for-fun thing again but wow that will be huge.

-going to the grocery store with my husband

Or my mom. Or my dad. I actually really like grocery shopping with other people and I had become so used to that before The Rona. I really miss having someone else at the store with me. It also helps stop (or encourages, depending on the person I’m with) impulse buys.

at the store with my mom and a very oblong watermelon

-the gym

I have enjoyed the home workout scene, but being able to ride a stationary bike and lift something heavier than 15 pounds will be a nice variety. I was getting a little bored of the gym and tired of it before all of this, and now I appreciate that luxury a bit more.

-the swimming pool at our apartment complex being open

It is so hot outside now, in the 90s at least every day. We would LOVE to use the beautiful pool at our apartment complex but sadly it has been closed for quite awhile now. We will be very excited for its grand reopening.

-swimming in the sparkling crystal blue outdoor pool at the gym

I love to swim, I love to swim outside, I can’t wait for the pool to open.

-seeing friends

There’s not all too much to do in the town we live in, so the people here are really what makes it great. That being said, not seeing other people too often has been different. Yes, I’m an introvert and honestly I’ve been loving all the time with just us or just to myself. But I do need some social interaction and some days it’s been too much even for me! I am looking forward to bowling nights, breakfasts, and random events with other people again (like the bull riding competition we went to in February)

 -roaming around a Target or Marshall’s just for something to do

-Hobby Lobby opening again

I like to scrapbook and I’ve run out of pages. I could order some on Amazon but knowing me I’d order the wrong size paper. And I like to roam around Hobby Lobby too.

-not having to wear a mask all the time in public (and at work)

 I’ve quickly become accustomed to wearing a mask of some sorts both at work and at the grocery store. I am ready to be unaccustomed to that again.

finding everything you want at the grocery store

I was quickly reminded how much I take being able to find everything on my list at the grocery store, nearly every time. I have never not had eggs or milk be available, or had to worry if there would be flour or paper towels at HEB. This event has made me very appreciative of our grocery stores.

Some Good things that have come out of this:

a greater appreciation for all above said things

-learning how to be happier at home

As mentioned above, I would travel very frequently before Rona. It was fantastic and I have been to so may places that I would likely not pay to go to for just a day, however I was tending to fly places out of boredom. I am glad to have had to come up with ways to entertain myself and feel fulfilled at home. Very first-world sounding, I know.

-more baking and cooking at home

We didn’t really go out to eat too much before this whole pandemic, but we’ve definitely been exploring more new recipes over the last month. I don’t know if that’s because we’re going out of the apartment less and therefore just have more time inside. But we have added some new recipes to the rotation and we are happy about it.

more time reading, working on my scrapbook, writing

home workouts and exercising outside

Not feeling like I have to go to the gym just because it’s open and available has been refreshing. I normally would go to the gym on all of my off days and do home workouts on my work days. Since the gym has been closed, obviously everything has been from home or outside. I really do find exercising outside to be energizing and relaxing, but I always felt like I would “get a better workout” if I used the gym. This time has taught me to appreciate the gym for what it has to offer, but also that I should listen more to what I feel like doing than to what my mind tells myself I should do.

going on more walks

My husband and I went on walks together before this whole thing, but we’ve been going almost every day lately. The time outside and the time with just him is special to have and I’ve been greatly enjoying them.

-not feeling guilty about watching more TV than usual

I normally feel like I should be doing something “more productive” than just watching a show or a movie, but since I’ve had less distractions on my days off (@Marshalls and Hobby Lobby) I’ve been getting a lot done during the day. Which means I don’t feel as bad for spending hours watching TV. I don’t know if this is a normal thing or not but that’s how my brain works.

sitting outside to read, or play games

Our apartment has a giant Jenga and a connect four, along with some pretty great outdoor seating, that we normally don’t use. But since we’ve been pretty much restricted to only our workplaces and our apartment, we’ve found ourselves venturing out into the heat to play games and read a bit more. It’s been nice. If it ever drops below 85 degrees here we will definitely utilize those resources more after Rona Season is over!

It’s been real, here’s to never having a pandemic again!

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