Louisville, Kentucky

I took this trip awhile back with my grandparents and it was such a fun one I felt like throwing it in with the 2019 trips! First off I would like to say how thankful I am to not only have healthy grandparents, but to have healthy grandparents who live near by and who want to travel with me! This trip was actually my grandma’s idea. She is very into tracking genealogy and there is a library in Louisville, so off we flew. We went in late August 2017, right before Hurricane Harvey struck Houston. Unfortunately the weather cut our trip short (we wanted to make it back before the hurricane hit) but luckily we arrived back home safely. Our flight landed in the late afternoon, so our first evening we just ate dinner at a Cracker Barrel and then went to bed early. We stayed at a La Quinta about 15 minutes from downtown Louisville. For this trip we did rent a car; Louisville is a little more spread out than other cities I have been to. After dropping my grandma off at the Sons of the American Revolution museum, my grandpa and I hit up the first stop of the day: The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The outside of the building is adorned by a giant baseball bat; in fact it is so tall that it was difficult to fit in one picture! On this tour we learned that bats are crafted from wood in less than 30 seconds (!!!). this was a very impressive statistic, along with the fact that the average MLB player goes through 80-120 bats per year and about 40-50% of the MLB uses Louisville Slugger bats. After the factory tour there were tons of exhibits to walk through that educated us about the history of baseball, what certain statistics mean, and the history of Louisville Slugger bats.

Next up, the Fairfax Museum across the street from the towering baseball bat museum. This was one of the largest museums I had ever been too, with so many different exhibits about Kentucky and American history. One of the neatest exhibits however was a toy soldier exhibit. There was an entire room filled from floor to ceiling with glass cases chock full of thousands of toy soldiers. From basic flat tin cut-outs to ornately detailed action figures and toy soldiers, there was nearly everything one could imagine.

For lunch we took a quick stop at the Main Street Café, then went to our final museum of the day: The Kentucky Tap Water/Water Works Purification Plant and Museum. This one was a little bit out of town, right on the Ohio River. While an unorthodox type of museum, it was one of the most interesting I have been to. We were the only ones on the guided tour so we had the guide’s undivided attention. The tour explained how Kentucky developed their purification system for the Ohio River. We got a personal tour of the three boiler rooms, the water tour, and the main center. The plant was built in 1861 and since then has survived many floods. Water levels rose up 57 feet during the flood of 1937, however the factory continues to work for 13 days straight to provide water for the town. Louisville tap water is apparently trademarked because it is so good.

We picked my grandma up and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse before going to bed early for and early flight home the next morning.

MUSEUMS: Louisville Slugger Museum Fairfax Museum Kentucky WaterWorks Museum
THINGS WE DIDN’T DO BUT WANTED TO: A bourbon factory tour Churchill downs (Kentucky Derby)
STAY: LaQuinta https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/laquinta/louisville-kentucky/la-quinta-louisville/overview?CID=LC:LQ::GGL:RIO:National:14000&iata=00093796

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