Charleston, South Carolina

Even though I only visited for seven waking hours, Charleston, South Carolina holds a special place in my memories. It was the first place that I traveled to completely by myself. Nervous to explore a new town completely on my own, I was lured to Charleston by the pictures of colonial architecture, waterfront parks, and Southern town charm. It did not disappoint!

Riverfront Park, Charleston, SC
Riverfront Park

I arrived in Charleston in the early afternoon of a cold January day and was instantly in awe of the architecture of this town. The buildings were all so stunningly built. I spent my time in Charleston simply walking around, taking in the sights. I first made my way to the Waterfront Park, where I was met by tall, sprawling trees lining all of the pathways. From the edge of the park, Fort Sumter can be seen, as well as the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The “pineapple fountain” was very picturesque. Next, I had to make my way to the famous Rainbow Row, 13 colorful Georgian row houses. I had seen pictures of Rainbow Row online so I knew what to expect, however, walking up to this street was like stumbling upon hidden jewels. So suddenly does this row of bright pastel houses pop up, it took me slightly by surprise. People could be seen up and down the street trying to get the best picture of these homes. Luckily the cold weather made it what I imagine to be a little less crowded than during the warmer months! For the final portion of the day, I took an evening stroll down the battery, a shorefront path lined on one side by the ocean and the other side by lovely buildings or more sprawling trees. By this point the temperature had dropped a bit too much for this Texan, so I ate dinner at the Five Loaves Cafe (they had a good turkey sandwich and the only beer I like – Allagash White) before turning in early before my early morning flight back to Houston the next day.

The Battery, Charleston, SC
The Battery

I stayed in a VRBO right across the street from Five Loaves, only about 1.2 miles from the battery and even closer to the waterfront park and rainbow row. It was an individual locked bedroom in a locked house..the only hiccup on the trip was that I was told I was the only renter for the night so I locked the front door as well as my own door. At 2am I heard people trying to get into the house. Turns out they had rented it later on in the evening. Besides giving me quite the scare, it was a good place to stay and a good price too! A quaint little room with an exposed brick wall, a very small but cute and clean bathroom, and a big comfy bed to crash in after lots of walking.


To do: Walk around town- Waterfront Park, The Battery, Rainbow Row, White Point Gardens, Charleston State College Charleston Visitor’s Center has helpful in providing free maps. -Fort Sumter and Sullivan’s Island are within walking distance
Where I Stayed:
Where I Ate: Five Loaves Cafe
Transportation: There is a free hop-on hop-off trolley (DASH) that runs through downtown Charleston. The CARTA bus runs from the Charleston airport to downtown Charleston (it was every hour on the hour when I went) for a small fee.

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